Headed for the Mountains

The weight of the world became too much for Johnny so one day he left it all behind and headed for mountains to live alone and off grid. Johnny enjoyed his life for the most part but at times he missed being around people. At one of these low points a big burley mountain man stopped in and introduced himself . He lived a few miles up the mountain. He told Johnny of a party he was going to have and wanted Johnny to come. The man said now there will be food, probably singin and dancing. Johnny smiled thinking this is just what I need and said I like food and dancin. The man said maybe a little drinkin. Johnny said great I like to drink. The old man said sex, now there will probably quite a bit of sex goin on. Again Johnny smiled, I like havin sex. By the way what should I wear? The old man said “hell son don’t make much difference, just gonna be me and you!!!”