Kitchen Hazards

Brandon’s concerns, though well meaning, were not well received by our celebrity chef. Was turning a deaf ear a mistake? Tune in next time to find out!

Of course, I’m not really sure when the “next time” will be, but I’ll leave a note in the “News” section when it’s ready.

Oh, and somebody should double check that subtitle… I think something got lost in translation.

The Real Beginning


We’re still sticking with the “Dewey Learns to Cook” story arc. I like Chef Demerde. I can relate to his situation. Dewey is an idiot with a lot of erroneous preconceived notions, and Demerde has to teach him the right way to do things.

I’m still working on the “art”… I added a roll of paper towels hanging in the background, and corrected Dewey’s height. Dewey is actually a taller guy. His spiky hair only exaggerates this.

Speaking of hair… It’s like if I have to pick one regret, it’s got to be the Yugi Mutou hairstyles of Dewey and Brandon. I still cannot imagine what they would look like in a 360° rotation. C’est la vie.



Brandon never learned to cook for himself, but at least he doesn’t pretend to know how to cook either. Dewey on the other hand… He’s been operating under the delusion that he had some kind of natural talent in the kitchen. Chef Demerde might just be the teacher that Dewey needs to overcome his culinary catastrophes, but some unsettling realities about Dewey’s cooking may emerge.