More Viagra Humor

viagraSo a man went to see his doctor about renewing his Viagra prescription.
The doctor asks, “How have you felt since taking Viagra?”
“I’ve felt great! Sex is better than it’s been in years!” responded the man.
“So, you haven’t been suffering from blurred vision?” queried the doc.
“Suffering? Have you seen my wife?”


Crazy Drivers

lexusAn elderly man arrives home from bingo and his wife comes running up to him.
“Thank goodness you’re home safe! I was watching the news and apparently a lunatic was driving down the wrong side of the freeway!”
He responds, “A Lunatic? There were hundreds of them!”


It’s Twins!

babiesA single mother opted to have a caesarean section when she found out she was having twins. Unfortunately there was a complication during the procedure and the mother suffered a coma for nearly three months. When she finally came to, she immediately asked, “My babies… Are they OK?”
“They are just fine,” comforted the nurse. “You had a beautiful little girl and a handsome little boy.”
“Wonderful! But I hadn’t thought of what to name them yet,” replied the new mom.
“Well your brother was here, and he already provided us with the names,” stated the nurse.
“W-w-what?! My idiot brother named my children?!” cried the mother. “What did he name them?”
“Well,” continued the nurse, “the little girl is named Denise…”
“Denise? You know I kind of like that name… It’s pretty,” the mother cooed as she softened up.
“And the boy is named, De-Nephew.”

The Bear and the Hare

bunnyA bear and a hare were pooping next to each other in the woods.
The bear looked over and asked, “Hey, Rabbit. Do you have any trouble with shit sticking to your fur?”
“Why no,” replied the hare, “I don’t have that problem at all.
With that the bear picked up the bunny and wiped his ass.


The Hillbilly’s Hankering

sodTwo hillbillies were on the front porch swigging their moonshine when a sod truck drove by. “That’s what I’m gonna do when I win the lottery!” shouts the one.
“What? You’re gonna drive a truck?” his buddy replied.
“No you idiot!” retorted the first. “I’m gonna send my lawn out to be mowed.”