A Racist Air Disaster

af1The jumbo jet was crossing the Atlantic when the captain made an announcement over the loudspeaker, “Folks, we’re having some engine trouble and we’re losing altitude unless we can lose some weight. We’ve already dumped all your luggage, but it wasn’t enough. We hate to do this, but we’re going to have to ask some of you to sacrifice yourselves for the survival of the rest of us. To be fair, we’ll go alphabetically. Now do we have any African-Americans on board? Would the African-Americans please step forward.”
The passengers were all stunned with horror over the announcement, but no one moved.
“OK then,” said the pilot, “Do we have any blacks on board? Would the blacks please step forward.”
Again, the passengers stared in disbelief, but no one moved.
“Moving along then, are there any coloreds? If you’re colored, please step forward.”
At this point a little girl tugged at her mother’s arm and said, “Mommy? I thought we were African-Americans?”
“No Dear,” her mother replied, “Today we are Niggers. And if there aren’t any Mexicans on board, we’ll be Zulus.”

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