Caught in a Pickle (slicer)

pickleA man was employed at a local food processing facility. One day when he comes home from work he confides in his wife, “Lately, at work, I’ve been having bad thoughts… really bad. I feel compelled to stick my dick in the pickle slicer.”
“That’s terrible!” shouts his wife, “You need therapy!”
“You might be right,” says the husband.
So, he starts going to therapy, and things seem to be going well for while, but one day he comes home from work early and his wife can see it on his face. “No!” she cries, “Tell me you didn’t do it!”
“I sorry, honey” her husband sobs, “I couldn’t help myself. I did it. I stuck my dick in the pickle slicer!
“So, what happened?!” asks his wife.
“Well, I got fired.” says the husband.
“No!” his wife yells, “What happened with the pickle slicer?!”
“Oh, they fired her too.”
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