Sunday, July 11, 2021


So how’s that new job coming along?

Uh well… it’s complicated.

On the one hand, people there are starting to accept me as one of their own, and I hate to admit I’m starting to feel like I belong in this place. It had been a rough start and there are still patches of 20 grit personality conflicts, but when the the most influential bosses say things like, “I want you to do it, because I know I can count on you,” it acts like a soothing lube for when the rest of the place is going in dry.

The pay is also nicer than if I were an Amazon delivery driver, and if I stick around I may just see my way to finally getting out of debt and building up a tolerable retirement account… which would be nice.

Of course the down side is that there is still a lot of policy shifting bullshit, pointless time consuming red tape, unreasonable shitheads, and a physical toll on my body that is extremely difficult to manage at my age. I might have a few hours of relative calm at night, but more often than not I get pulled in three or more directions at once. This results in irreconcilable conflicts and impatient tempers flaring along with angry shouting. Naturally this leads to my nerves fraying beyond the pale. Not fun, but somehow they’re growing on me a little.

So that’s been my week. How’s your week been?


So thanks for nothing ya freeloading bums. The submission page has been languishing in neglect for the past two weeks, and there’s only a week of Big D’s jokes left in the queue. Don’t worry about it though. I just ripped a bunch of jokes off reddit so we should be OK for a while. It’s deep into summer here in the best hemisphere, and the heat makes doing things feel unpleasant.

Stay frosty.