First Day Bartending

It was Martin’s first day bartending, and while he knew how to make the most common cocktails, he had yet to master the local lingo.

“I’ll have a B and C,” requested a brunette taking a seat at the bar.

“Sorry, it’s my first day. What is a B and C?”

“It’s a Bourbon and Coke,” explained the Brunette.

A redhead walked up and said, “I’ll have a G and T.”

Martin looked puzzled and asked, “And what is a G and T?”

“It’s a gin and tonic,” explained the redhead.

A blonde sitting at the end of the bar shouted, “Hey bartender! Gimme a 15!”

Martin had no idea and asked, “What is a 15?”

“Do the math!” said the blonde. “It’s a 7 and 7.”