Sunday, September 1, 2019

Trying to Keep Shit Together

So I got this promotion, but of course now it is like they expect me to do even more work than before. Well, actually, there’s just a lot more work for me to do, and I have to put in more hours to get it all done. The good news is, I am having trouble spending all the money I am raking in!

Oh wait… I still owe over 70 grand on mortgage and credit cards. {heavy sigh}

Meanwhile, I get this “long” weekend. By long they mean Sunday and Monday off. I have to work most Saturdays now, and I am also the guy who opens the shop at 5am. Yay.

I guess they were right… I am getting sick of all this “winning”.


Glenn sent me several jokes, but all of the jokes were ones we have used already. That means George provided the bulk of the jokes this week, and I scrounged up a few as well. Of course anyone can submit via our submission page or by using my very own personal email address at

Hope is the most precious treasure to a person. You know, I eat a lot of Chinese take-out, so I will be typing these straight from my fortune cookies from now on, OK? Don’t forget to add “in bed” at the end.



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