Sunday, September 8, 2019

My Baby Girl is Getting Older

Grace’s date of birth was on December 7, 2010. While not quite nine years old yet, age has started to catch up with her. She’s having trouble with stairs, she doesn’t like going outside as much, and she doesn’t get very excited about too many things anymore. Even getting her to eat her food has been more challenging of late.

The other day I noticed her chin had developed a few gray hairs that starkly contrasted against the rest of her jet black coat. Of course Labradores are only expected to live between nine and fourteen years, and while she’s had a pretty full life, I still hate the thought of my little girl entering senescence.

When I decided to get a dog, I had this idea in my head of what I wanted that dog to be. I wanted a female black lab who was obedient, friendly, loving, and loyale. Grace checked all of those boxes and more. She turned out exactly the way I wanted. She’s easy to love, and dare I say, Grace has more friends than I.

I remember one little girl telling me how she liked my dog more than her family’s dog. When I asked why, she explained, “Because your dog doesn’t bite”. And to that I’ll add that Grace has never hurt another living thing. She’s a gentle soul with so much love. I’m so lucky to have her in my life.

But now I’m watching her get older, and there’s nothing I can do. She seems comfortable enough, but her behavior has changed. Her “get up and go” is now preterit. She gives me the whale eye when I walk past her as she’s lying on the couch. I’m having to face the fact that Grace is getting older.

And it scares me.


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