Sunday, November 4, 2018

Getting Back to Normal (Whatever that is)

So I got my two vehicles back from the mechanic. They seem to be running just fine. The total bill for both the SUV and sedan was around $1400. It’s a good thing I make so much money off my comics, or I’d be hurtin’ right now.

Actually, it was paid for with overtime. I’ve been putting in a lot of 60 hour weeks lately. It’s almost eerie how when I don’t get overtime, I still manage to get by, but the moment I’m getting slammed with it, suddenly a series of catastrophes pop up to take the spoils of my hard work away.

I could use a break though. The good news is that I’m off this weekend… The bad news is, it’s to attend my sister’s memorial service. Don’t you just hate those things?

My sister Tina: Who was she? What was her deal? Well, she was my sister. Uh, she was born in 1961. She died in 2018. One time she got married and raised a family, and one time she crocheted an entire blanket by hand for my Christmas present. I watched her do it. Truly a remarkable woman.

I loved my sister. She and I shared the same cynical sense of humor. I had hoped that one day after I retired, we could frequently spend mornings together sipping coffee or tea while reminiscing about when we were young. At this rate, the only thing I’ll get to reminisce with is a lonely bottle of 40 proof liquor.

At least the car runs good.

Kudos and Promos

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