Sunday, November 11, 2018

It’s Finally Cold Outside

The United States may be a fair bit further south than where my European ancestors came from, nevertheless, it is still capable of getting rather cold here in the winter.

There is this little joke we tell people in Ohio. They probably tell this joke, or some variation of it, in a few other states, but I’ve always heard it about Ohio. Here’s how it goes: In Ohio, we have four seasons. “Almost Winter”, “Winter”, “Still Winter”, and “Construction”.

Here lately though, the “Construction” season seems to be getting longer, and since I actually prefer the cooler weather, it’s always a relief when those temperatures begin to fall.

Kudos and Promos

I’d like to thank George for helping with the jokes this week. Do you have a joke we can tell? Submit jokes via our submission page, or send an email to

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