Sunday, November 18, 2018

My Annual Thanksgiving Stay-cation

Though somewhat rarer than the “good-ol’-days”, many companies still offer paid holidays to their full time employees. My employer actually gives me Thanksgiving and Black Friday off with pay. Since I celebrated my 21st anniversary at work only a few weeks ago, I also have quite a bit of vacation time at my disposal.

Sadly, it’s not enough for a permanent vacation, so I try to find ways to maximize my time away from work. My annual Thanksgiving stay-cation is a perfect example of how I do that. Using just three vacation days, I can take the entire week off! I do a similar thing for Christmas too.

Now you may be saying, “But Diet, doesn’t your employer think it’s pretty shitty of you to take so much time off around the holidays?” To which my reply is, “Who cares what they think? I want my fucking time outa here. I’ve earned it, and they’re going to give it to me.”

I don’t usually put my foot down in these areas, but this is one case where giving me time for myself is really in everyone’s best interests, and they’ve never once turned down my annual Thanksgiving stay-cation request.

Kudos and Promos

Thanks for the jokes, George. If anyone out there is wondering what happened to the other guy, well… I’m still wondering about that too. Consequently I could use all the jokes I can get. Do you have a joke we can tell? Submit jokes via our submission page, or send an email to

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