Sunday, November 25, 2018

Various Thoughts from the Past Week

No matter how many hours I put in at work, somehow it doesn’t interfere with my hobbies or daily activities. Paradoxically, when I take a week off from work, getting anything done takes a heck of a lot more effort.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned this past week, it’s that you do not eat an entire 9×13 broccoli casserole in one sitting by yourself. The abdominal pain was truly distressing.

Curiously, the dog was less thrilled by my constant presence than the cat.

I’m still loving this leftover Thanksgiving turkey. We truly live in an age of excess… and I hope it never ends.

Kudos and Promos

My buddy George pitched in all the jokes for this week, and I’m really grateful for all his effort. I’ve never actually met George in person, but the e-mails he sends me are hilarious. Are you a funny person as well? Submit your funniest jokes trough our submission page, or send an email to

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