Sunday, October 28, 2018

Happy Halloween

No story this weekend. I’m still pretty busy with work at the moment, and that’s a good thing.

So you see, I have two vehicles: An SUV and a sedan. BOTH are currently in the shop at this very moment, and the repair bill is likely to be over one thousand dollars.

This is kind of a bummer too, because I thought I had a pretty good system. The sedan is a $3000 beater that bought back in 2009. I use it to drive back and forth to work. The SUV was purchased in 2012 for $4100. It’s used for trips down the highway to visit my dad, and it’s also my “go to” for when I plan on having passengers. Both vehicles were bought used and have nearly 400,000 miles between the two of them.

The idea was that while one was in the shop, I would still have the other to reliably get around… but wouldn’t you know it. The very night I took my SUV in to replace a wheel bearing, the sedan suddenly developed a serious issue with breaking and engine idle on the way to work. Now I’m driving my mom’s car. She died back 2014, but dad kept it for just such an occasion.

So that’s my week… How’s your week going?

Kudos and Promos

Did you like the jokes? Well, you can thank George and Glenn for that. Didn’t like the jokes? Well, you can go ### # ### ## #####, because George and Glen are totally awesome for helping me out.

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