Sunday, March 11, 2018

My Art Evolution

It started with a couple of stick figures who became known as Brandon and Dewey. A couple of characters held together more by circumstance than by friendship.

Fourteen years ago, I probably would have killed to have my art look like it does now. Thankfully it’s changed a lot since then. Those stick figures were used as filler so that the page full of text didn’t look dry and bland. Originally I was using funny pictures that people sent in their e-mails, but when I was cornered on copyright concerns, I thought it best to remove the pictures and just toss in my own doodles and stylizations.

Long gone are those stick figures from 14 years ago. Surprisingly, with nothing other than years of practice, I managed to make comic characters that look like they were done by someone who knew what they were doing. With no formal training or even compatriots to help me learn and grow, I kept at it and picked up tricks and techniques along the way. Is what I’m doing now something that has real artistic merit? I’m not sure, but when I step back and look at one of the comics I make today, I’m seeing something that makes me go, “Wow. That’s pretty good.”

It has to keep evolving though. It’s still nowhere near what I want it to be.



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