Sunday, July 7, 2019

Filler Rant

So instead of doing a filler comic (a low effort comic tossed out there to avoid looking like you abandoned your work) I thought it would be a helpful idea to create a “filler rant” for this week.

Due to the holiday, I decided to take a couple extra vacation days off work. As a result I’ve been off for much of the week and have had little to rant about.

Oh I suppose I could rant about the appallingly wonderful fireworks show I went to, or the horrendously delightful cookout I attended, nevermind the nauseatingly incredible bounty of gorgeous banana peppers I’ve been picking and pickling. No, I really don’t want to take the effort to turn the happier moments of my life into fodder for my journal of misery.

To be honest, I don’t even want to rant about nothing to rant about. I’m actually rather pleased that for one brief shining moment in time, I don’t have anything I wish to bitch about. Instead, let’s just smile and have a lovely day.


Once again we give thanks to George for providing a few of the jokes used in this week’s lineup. I also used a couple of Glenn’s jokes, so thank you, Glenn. We still have our submission page at your disposal, and my e-mail, as always, is

Don’t forget: Just for stopping by, you get extra credits towards the afterlife. Thank you ever so much, and have a wonderful week.



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