Sunday, July 14, 2019

Yet Another Reinstall?

So about a year or so ago, Linux Mint released LMDE 3. It was the latest successor to their Debian branch, and sadly, the developers chose not to support the Mate desktop environment. This left me with 3 options: 1) Stick with LMDE 2, 2) Install LMDE 3, then install Mate, or 3) Install the Ubuntu based Linux Mint.

The first one was a non-starter. I wanted the latest and greatest, and felt I had already waited too long.

At the time I chose the second option because I wanted to stay in the more pure Debian ecosystem for a contradictory reason: The Debian edition is supported longer, so there are fewer format/re-install cycles.

I avoided the third option for the worst reason: The snob factor. Let’s face it, Ubuntu users are very near the lowest in the Linux hierarchy. Ubuntu is Linux for the non-technical, Ubuntu is for the lazy, Ubuntu is for the idiot, and now Ubuntu is for me.

There were a few other reasons to favor the Debian edition over the Ubuntu variety, but something was irking me and if I didn’t leave the Debian universe, I would involuntarily blame that “irk” on Debian.

Sadly, the Ubuntu edition still contained that “final” irk, but all the irks up to that point were actually gone. It wasn’t Debian though… It was LMDE 3’s refusal to support a Mate edition.

By the way, that final “irk” had to do with VLC. It’s my preferred media player, and after the latest update, it’s been glitching when you are watching video in full screen.

It might just be my machine, but it’s a relentless glitch that causes the player on screen controls to not want to reappear when you jog the mouse, and the keyboard controls stop working as well.

When I press the space bar, the movie I’m watching had bloody well stop!

Alas, the problem persists under the Ubuntu branch of Linux Mint, so I know it wasn’t just my Debian install. I will not be going back to LMDE 3, however. The Ubuntu system basically looks and feels the same, and shedding a couple of other minor issues that I wasn’t able to fix on my own is a kind of a big plus.

So yeah, if you’re still playing games on Windows, I understand. You’ve got your priorities, and I respect that. I just really enjoy the feeling of the Mate desktop environment powered by Linux… glitches and all.


Just another shout out to Glenn and George for supplying this week’s jokes. How do you tell who sends what? Glenn’s jokes are the dirtier ones. So thanks guys. If anyone else would like to add to the collection, please head over to our submission page or send them to

Did anyone tell you how beautiful you are? I could just stare into those eyes of yours all day long. You really are something special. Have a great week!



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