Sunday, February 17, 2019


It was round about late Tuesday morning when I felt that nagging little irritating spot in my sinus cavity. Like when a piece of dandelion fluff goes up your nose, and you can’t get it out. Not even sixteen hours later, my entire throat was on fire, and I would be staying home from work that day.

A day an a half later, it was clear that the shit had settled into my bronchioles. Every breath would crackle and wheeze with the sound of mucous. I coughed so much, I thought my throat might tear open, leaving me to drown in my own blood. Somehow I survived.

Do you want to know the most amazing thing about this rapid onset of bronchitis? It’s the fact that I haven’t had bronchitis in over nine years! I used to get this stuff once or twice a year, but back in 2010, I started vaping, and a year and a half later I had smoked my last cigarette.

Over time, I had stopped coughing up lung butter every morning in the shower. Of course I had a few colds here and there, but it never settled into my chest like this one just did.

Now these days I know how fashionable it is to shit all over vaping and criticize how it’s getting young kids hooked on nicotine with fruity flavors, but the harsh reality is they would have been smoking “Black and Milds” or “Kool” cigarettes otherwise.

I hardly vape anymore. I fill my tank maybe once every two weeks… Maybe. I charge the battery about as often. I keep it around more as a security blanket than as an actual daily habit. Whether I’m using it or not, I’d like to continue to hang onto it if it’s all the same, thank you.

But this past week my new found superpower had failed me, and my throat is a raw, soar snot coated tube of flesh that reminds me just how delicate the balance is for health and wellness.

Stay healthy.


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