Sunday, February 24, 2019

And Then Things Got Worse

I had to go to the doctor’s to be put on a nebulizer this past week. While I’m starting to move towards recovery, my bronchitis has been particularly nasty. It was trying to turn into pneumonia, which is basically a death sentence to a fat middle aged guy like me.

So will I live? Hell, I don’t know. My shits still all fucked up, and it hurts to inhale. I’ve coughed so much, it damaged my lungs, and now I’m coughing up foam. Google it. It’s not a good sign.

Any good news? Well, you’ll get five new jokes this week. I’d say that’s some pretty good news. Other than that… No.


Of course daily jokes would either suck or not exist if it weren’t for contributors like George and darkmare. Thanks for sending the jokes. If you’re a fan of this site and would like to help out, please send jokes to our submission page, or drop me an e-mail at Thanks for being awesome!



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