Sunday, February 10, 2019

What Happened to Glenn?

Some of you have been wondering, “So what happened? Why don’t you credit Glenn anymore?” In short, nothing. Glenn still sends me jokes, but I don’t use them. Honestly, he keeps sending me the same jokes, over and over and over again, and either I’ve already used them, or the jokes are so bad that I could not even entertain the notion of including them in the collection. (Seriously, they are just head-scratchingly bad.)

I’ve mentioned this site to Glenn numerous times before, but he’s an old friend who has never even bothered to visit Flush Twice. He’s kind of a refugee from the ancient times of AOL, and I think he gets the bulk of his material through Facebook these days.

Most of the older jokes on this site were contributed by him, and if the joke was particularly raunchy, it was probably one that Glenn sent me. He also sends me vulgar and politically incorrect comics, pictures of naked women, and links to videos that would make Benny Hill blush.

But there have been many contributors that I have never credited over the years. Dan, Darrin, James, Justin, Kenny, and many more. I never hear from them these days, and some of them, like Kenny are no longer with us.

While it’s been technically possible to give individual credits for the jokes, even the people contributing the jokes didn’t personally write them, and generally the people I know don’t want their names showing up in public places, much less placed along side material that could possibly be taken offensively.

I can understand that. Up until 2008, I didn’t even feel comfortable enough to sign my own comics, and it was not until 2016 that I signed my comics with my full name… Though technically my first name is actually Dietrich. It’s a name that has been shortened much like you would shorten Matthew to “Matt”, Johnathon to “John”, Albert to “Al”, or Timothy to “You’re a fucking asshole, Tim.”

So we digressed a little bit, but in case anyone was worried, Glenn is doing fine, and he still sends me jokes… Just not any new jokes.


Speaking of people providing me with jokes: It’s still darkmare and George providing the jokes for this week. Some of them are pretty good as well! You can send me jokes to be featured on Flush Twice by using our submission page, or just fire off an e-mail to As always, your contributions are greatly appreciated. Thank you.



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