Sunday, February 3, 2019

The Weather

So by now, it should be warming up, but this past week, the Midwestern United States saw some rather low temps, and a lotta snow. On Friday I could have literally taken a snowmobile to work. It’s winter here, and it’s normal to have this.

Honestly, I remember it being a lot snowier in the past. Although Ohio didn’t see the worst of it, the blizzard of ’78 was pretty big. It was typical for us to get a lot of snow in the winter, and I frequently went skiing at the local ski resorts as a kid. Of course these days it’s snowing one week, and raining the next. One minute the temperatures are below zero and the next thing you know, it’s 50°F. It’s chaotic.

One good thing. My heating bill isn’t as high as it used to be.



Fortunately, darkmare and George are still on the job! They generously contributed this week’s jokes. To put it another way: If they weren’t still sending jokes to Flush Twice, there wouldn’t be any new jokes to read. I still take time to do the comic and these rants, but I got a lot of other things to take care of, so it really helps me out to have people sending jokes to our submission page, or use the old fashioned email system and Contributions are much appreciated.



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