Pediatric Preparation

A medical student studying to be a pediatrician was taking an exam. On it was a question that asked, “Name three benefits of breastfeeding over formula.”

The student immediately wrote, “First, it has the ideal nutrition for the infant. Second, breastfeeding provides important antibodies crucial for proper immune development.”

But the student could not think of a third answer.

Finally, he wrote “Thirdly, it comes in very nice containers.”

The Curious Condition

A man went to the doctor about a troubling condition.

When the doctor came into the room, he asked, “What seems to be the problem?”

The man pulled down his pants to reveal that his penis was an iridescent orange.

Amazed at what he saw, the doctor ran a series of tests, but all the results showed no sign of any known illness.

Desperate for clues, the doctor asked, “Do you work in a place that has exposed you to any chemicals?”

“No, I live with my parents, and I’ve never had a job,” the patient explained.

The doc then asked, “So what do you do all day?”

The man replied, “I sit at home, watch porn, and eat cheetos.”

Brain Prices

Dr. Frankenstein sent his faithful assistant, Igor to the brain store. Before him were rows and rows of disembodied brains in specimen jars.

When Igor inquired about the cost, the proprietor explained that the male brains were $500 while the female brains were $200.

“Master would like a male brain for his new creation,” explained Igor.

“Very good,” said the proprietor as he packaged up one of the brains and rang up the sale.

“Before I go,” Igor inquired, “why are the female brains so much cheaper?”

As the owner closed the till, he replied, “Because they’re used.”

Grounds for Divorce

Jennifer appeared before the judge and said, “I want a divorce from that jerk over there.”

The judge asked, “On what grounds?”

“Because he’s a terrible lover,” she blurted.

“Right, and how long have you been married?” the judge asked.

“Fourteen years,” she replied.

“Help me understand, Mrs. Smith,” The judge began. “Why did you wait fourteen years to divorce your husband for being a terrible lover?”

Jennifer explained, “Because, your Honor, until this insurance salesman stopped by my house last week, I didn’t know how bad he was.”