Sunday, April 7, 2019

Finally! A Break.

The past few weeks have been pretty rough. Since I got over my cold, I’ve been putting in a lot of overtime, and last week, I was on my own running the floor. I’m feeling a bit run down, so I decided to take an extended weekend.

Actually I scheduled to take off April 8th and 9th months ago as I do every year. I’ll leave it to you to guess why, but right now I really need the time off. It’s spring, and spring is nature’s time of renewal. Believe me, I’m ready for my renewal right about now.

Of course when I go back to work on Wednesday, it’s back to 10 hour days plus Saturdays… Well, I’m also off on Friday the 19th for Good Friday, and naturally we’re not working that Saturday or Sunday either, being it’s Easter and all.

Hmmm… maybe I can schedule Monday the 22nd off as well. You can’t have too many vacation days.


Woah… Almost missed again. The post went live before I got a chance to add on the kudos. This week’s jokes were contributed by George, and I had to dig a couple up on my own. If anyone out there is feeling generous, our submission page, could use a few donations. I also accept jokes through my e-mail address at Your contributions are always appreciated!