$500 Hand Job

A man driving past a burger joint in Las Vegas saw a gorgeous prostitute working the street.

“Hey, baby,” He called out. “How much for a hand job?”

She walked up to the car and said, “Five-hundred dollars.”

“Are you crazy?” the man blurted. “No hand job is worth that much!”

The prostitute stood up, took a drag off her cigarette, and said, “Do you see that burger joint behind me? I own that burger joint because I give a $500 hand job.”

The man didn’t believe her, so to settle it, they went inside and asked the manager. Sure enough, the store manager verified that the prostitute was in fact the owner of the restaurant.

Intrigued, the man agreed to the hand job at the established price, and when it was over he was amazed by the fact that the hand job was worth every penny!

The next night, the man was driving down the street again, this time he saw the same prostitute standing in front of a grand hotel. He stopped and said, “Hey baby, last night was incredible. How much for a blow job?”

Coolly, the prostitute walked over to him and said, “Five-thousand dollars.”

The man’s jaw dropped. “I’ll grant you that your hand job was worth 500 bucks, but how can you justify a $5,000 blowjob?”

“Do you see this luxurious hotel behind me?” she said. “I own this hotel because I give a $5000 blowjob.”

Not quite wanting to believe her, they go inside, and sure enough the hotel manager verifies that the prostitute is the owner of the hotel.

Realizing there may be something to this, he agrees to the price and heads up to her suite on the top floor.

A while later the man was basking in the afterglow of the most mind blowing blow job you could have ever imagined. He was so impressed, he had to ask, “So how much for some pussy?”

The prostitute took the man by the hand and led him to the large plate glass window overlooking the city. “Do you see this town with all it’s expensive casinos, hotels, and sparkling lights?”

The man gasped, “Don’t tell me you own all of Las Vegas!”

“No,” she said. “But if I had a pussy, I would.”