Wait, What?

Wait, What?

OK, so I’ve been busy. Like OMG busy. I was having some car trouble, and long story short, I ended up buying a 2016 Nissan LEAF. Sadly I gave up my trusty ’97 Plymouth Breeze with only a year to go before being eligible to get historical license plates. Nevertheless I have no regrets. Having a Leaf is a hell of a lot of fun.

So have you ever been in the left hand lane, but needed to move over to turn right, only to find there is some yokel keeping pace right next to you? You try to speed up a little to get around them, but for some reason, they speed up. Then you let off the gas to let them get ahead, and then they slow down. {insert eye roll} So you could floor it, but then they would hear your engine revving up and accept your challenge for a drag race. You’re gonna miss your turn, so you brake hard which forces them to shit or get off the pot. Once they drive on, you can get over in the right hand lane to make your turn.

Well, I’m gonna let you in on a little secret. Leafs don’t have engines. They have electric motors… with rediculously fast responsiveness… high torque… and remarkably silent. So when the morning yokel was playing that trite little game with me on my way to work, I just said to myself, “fuck this fucker,” as I floored my accelerator and passed him like he was driving a moped with a flat. I can only imagine his slack jaw gaping a tad bit wider in his attempt to process the event that had just taken place.

Damn that felt good.



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  1. The Oldest Rater says:

    Electric propulsion is great, isn’t it? Been doing it myself since 2013, never going back.

    • f2x says:

      I would have joined you sooner, but the price point versus range wasn’t there for me yet. I bought this one for $9400 out the door.

      Since my daily commute is only 20 miles round trip, and I occasionally go to visit my dad who lives about 25 miles south, The used Leaf was a practical choice.

      It still has 11 of its 12 health bars (82% according to Leaf spy) on a 30kwh battery and has a range of about 80-something in the city and about 55 or so on the highway. It should last me at least 5 years, but I’m hoping to get a decade.

      And for the home viewers, these are the real world numbers. I bought it in Columbus and had to drive 73 miles along the back roads to get home to Dayton. I’ve been testing this thing non stop since I got it.

      FYI: For those out there who have an electric car and decide to visit Dayton, good fucking luck finding a decent public charging point. The infrastructure here is pathetic.

      • The Oldest Rater says:

        I feel lucky. I know of at least 9 near me, mostly over toward the big city. They’re not exactly conveniently located, but they’re there.

        The majority are ChargePoint and require a card to operate, but some are just plain free.

        • f2x says:

          And I would not mind if there was an accessible ChargePoint around here. There are a few in the downtown parking garages, but unless you’re going to a ball game or court, it’s not really practical.

          Might as well be driving on dirt roads I tell ya.

          Fortunately, I didn’t have any trouble installing a level 2 charger on the back of my house.

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