Mystery Matinee

Mystery Matinee

So at this point, I’m not really sure how to describe my current relationship with this site. It’s not really a hiatus, but I’m not really committed to it anymore either. I just log in occasionally and approve a slew of the user submitted jokes, then jump out and forget about it for a month or so. Occasionally I might think or hear of something funny and say to myself, “Hey, I could use that as a comic!” but then promptly forget about it before I have a chance to write it down. I just have a lot of other things on my mind right now.

So someone has been submitting jokes using the “Submit a Joke” page. They’ve been putting in a lot of jokes too. I kind of feel bad for not reliably scheduling them in the queue. Anyhoo, I can see the IP addresses of the submitter and just out of curiosity I did a lookup to see what part of the world they were from… And it turned out to be a hosting site. The IP address seems to change a lot, and sometimes it’s a mobile carrier, but mostly it belongs to a hosting platform. That would indicate a VPN, and I can respect that.

Still, the “subby” seems to leave certain messages in their submissions that indicate they know me from IRL. Darin, is that you?

Whoever you are, thanks for the jokes.



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