Unexpected Benefit

Unexpected Benefit

So it’s the return of the Russian troll. I’ve finally come up with an actual name for him. “Temno Zimanov”. I can’t be for certain because I’ve never studied Russian, but I think it means Dark Son of Winter. I actually did quite a bit of research to come up with the name though, and I think it at least sounds cool.

On the other hand, Specialist Marshal Brady is no fool. He knows when someone is trying to psyche him out, and will gladly turn the tables. Although he looks small for his age, he’s quite the powerhouse when it comes to physical fitness and could easily take down a person twice his size.

Of course the sad punchline is the increasingly common occurrence of shootings in our nations schools. It’s not an exaggeration that in 2018 more American students have been shot and killed than U.S. service members. I guess we’re just not thinking and praying enough.



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