Can’t Argue with Stupid

Can’t Argue with Stupid

Dewey and Birdie were the first romantic couple depicted on Flush Twice. Before they met, Dewey was kind of a sad character. In some ways, he still is, but they share a highly blissful relationship. It’s only natural to wonder when the two of them are going to get serious enough to cohabitate. After all, it’s not like they’ve been saving themselves for marriage or anything. Dewey spends a lot of time, and a lot of nights at Birdie’s house, and it’s not just to play board games.

So will Dewey ever get hitched with Birdie? In real life, of course they would. But in this fiction, the characters are frozen at a specific point in their relationships. Basically, without Dewey, many of Brandon’s social interactions would cease to exist, and that would make an already boring comic insufferably dull.



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