An Uncanny Canyon

An Uncanny Canyon

Several years ago in The Webcomic List’s forum, I posted my work for a critique. (Don’t bother looking for it; that thread has long since been purged from the site, but I digress.) The person who took me up on that critique had a lot of really sound suggestions, and even did an awesome mock up that I wish I still had. It took a while, but some of the suggestions like adding hands and improved antialiasing where implemented.

Of course, one of the arguments was that every character had the exact same oval shaped head. The only variation was the hairstyles. Even now, they all use the same egg shaped base. I vary skin tone and eye color, and some characters have subtly different eyebrows, but the heads are all the same shape.

It’s not like I didn’t try though. Changing the shape of the head just wreaked havoc on the look and feel. Their “cuteness” dropped right off a cliff. I did find a way to add a nose to the characters’ faces, but while it looked cool, it was really NOT worth the effort.

For all of the changes and improvements, I still think there is a lot of room for even more changes and improvements. One would think that after 14 years, my comic making skills would’ve been further along, but maybe one day I’ll figure out what my characters actually look like.

As for that attempt at making more uniquely shaped heads, I can definitely tell you what my characters don’t look like.



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  1. The oldest rater says:

    WERE implemented. WERE. WERE rhymes with SURE. WHERE rhymes with THERE and FLAIR.

    Elementary school should eliminate such errors of spelling before they get any further. Such problems prove that so-called “teachers” have been trained to NOT do their jobs, but indoctrinate leftard ideology instead. Kill them. With fire.

  2. f2x says:

    Oh for the love of… You woke me up at 2:15 am for that?!

    Calm down already. It was a typo, not “The Communist Manifesto”!

    I’m leaving it.

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