Better Late than Never

Better Late Than Never

So I’m retro-dating this. Even though I didn’t actually publish it until Tuesday morning, it’s going down in the archive as having been added on Saturday. I’m just a rebel like that.

So why so late? Well, I did have an idea, but I wanted it to be good, you see. I mean real good… But in my quest for perfection I kind of started working on the templates and a few other things came up, and the next thing you know I forgot what my original idea was, and I’m posting filler on Tuesday.

Don’t worry about the jokes though… People keep piling on more and more in that awesome new joke submission form. It’s like they just can’t wait to get a chance to see their joke show up on Flush Twice! Oh wait. Not even one. Not a single fucking joke. Well, I hope you’re all satisfied. It’s like I have to do everything around here.



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