Train Wreck Hotel

A man brought his wife along on a business trip to Chicago. They arrived at their hotel and were shown to their room.

The man said, “Dear, I have a brief meeting to go to. Why don’t you rest here until I get back?”

After the husband left the room, the wife lied down on the bed. Just then, an elevated train passed by the window and shook the room so hard, she was thrown from the bed. Thinking this was a freak occurrence, she lied down once more. Again a passing train shook the room so violently, she was thrown to the floor.

Exasperated, she called the front desk and asked for the manager. The manager came right up but was skeptical of the wife’s story.

“Look, lie here on the bed,” the wife directed. “You’ll be thrown right to the floor!”

So the manager laid down next to the wife.

Without warning, the husband walked into the room. “What the hell is going on here?” he demanded in an angry tone.

The manager meekly replied, “Would you believe I’m waiting for a train?”

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