To Be a little Smarter

Morris wasn’t too bright, so he went to the fish monger, who was rumored to be the smartest man in town.

“I want to be smart like you,” said Morris. “Can you tell me your secret?”

The fish monger looked over each shoulder to be sure no one else could overhear, then in a hushed voice told Morris, “Fish heads. If you eat enough of them, it will make you positively brilliant!”

Intrigued, Morris asked, “How much do fish heads cost?”

“Four dollars each,” said the fish monger.

“I’ll take five!” said Morris as he slapped twenty dollars on the counter.

A few days later, Morris came back to the fish monger’s in a rage. “Those fish heads were disgusting, and I don’t feel any smarter!”, yelled Morris.

The fish monger motioned for Morris to calm down and politely explained, “You haven’t eaten enough of them. If you want to become smarter, you have to eat more of them.”

Morris grumbled as he handed over another twenty for sack of five fish heads.

A few days later, Morris was back at the fish monger’s even madder than before. “You’ve been selling me these awful fish heads for four dollars a piece, but I just found out I could buy a whole fish here, including the head, for only two dollars. I think you’ve been ripping me off!”

“See that?” the delighted fish monger exclaimed. “You’re getting smarter already!”

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