Tight Fitting Shoes

A man walked into a shoe store and asked for a pair of size 8 shoes.

The salesman said, “But, sir, from what I can see, you’re at least a size 11.”

The guy said, “Just bring me the size 8 shoes.”

The salesman brought them, the guy stuffed his feet into them, tied them tight, and then he stood up, obviously in a lot of pain. “They’re perfect,” he said with an uncomfortable wince. “I’ll take ’em.”

The salesman just had to ask, “Sir, it’s obvious these shoes don’t fit. Why are you insisting on getting them?”

With a heavy sigh, the man said to the salesman, “I lost my business and my house, I live with my mother-in-law, my wife is fucking my best friend, my daughter is pregnant, and my son is gay. The only pleasure I have in life is taking off these fucking shoes.”

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