The Russian Wish

A Russian man kicked a bottle as he strolled down a street in Moscow. Suddenly a genie came out of the bottle. The Genie said to the stunned Russian, “Hello master, I will grant you one wish, anything you want.”

The Russian thought aloud, “Well, I really like drinking vodka. It would be nice to drink vodka whenever I want, so I wish I could piss vodka.”

The Genie granted him his wish and disappeared.

When the Russian got home, he went to the kitchen, grabbed a glass from the cupboard, and pissed in it. He looked at the glass carefully. It was clear, looked like vodka, and even smelled like vodka. So he took a taste and amazingly it was the best vodka he had ever tasted!

The Russian called his wife, “Natasha, Natasha, come quickly!”

When his wife came into the kitchen, the Russian took another glass out of the cupboard and pissed in it. He then told her the story of what had happened and encouraged her to try it.

Natasha was reluctant but curious. She took a sip, and it was indeed the best vodka she had ever tasted. The two drank and partied all night.

The next night the Russian came home from work and told his wife to get two glasses out of the cupboard. He proceeded to piss in the two glasses. The result was the same. The vodka was excellent and the couple drank until the sun came up.

Finally it was Friday evening. When the Russian came home, he told his wife, “Natasha, grab one glass from the cupboard and we will drink vodka.”

As Natasha pulled the glass from the cupboard, she asked, “But Boris, why only one glass?”

Boris took the glass from her hand and replied, “Because tonight, my love, you drink from the bottle.”

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