The Pain of a Sex Change

John underwent a sex-change operation that transformed him into a beautiful women, and would now be known as Joan. After her recovery, Joan decided to meet with her old friend Pete for drinks at a bar.

“I’m completely amazed Joan,” said Pete. “You look great! You’re beautiful!”

Joan replied, “Thank you, but holy Christ, did it hurt.”

Pete cocked his head and remarked, “Oh, you mean when they cut open your chest and put in those implants?”

“No,” said Joan, “that didn’t really hurt.”

“When they cut off your dick and dug out a vagina?” asked Pete.

“No, that didn’t really hurt either,” said Joan.

“Then what was it that was so painful?” asked Pete.

Joan sighed, “When the doctor drilled a hole in my head and sucked out half of my brain.”

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