The Rabbi and Priest Joke

religionA priest and a rabbi are driving down the road when, inexplicably, they get into a head on collision. Both are fine, and as they get out of their cars they start arguing intensely as to who was at fault. After a few minutes of finger pointing, the rabbi says, “This is ridiculous. We’re both men of God. We shouldn’t be arguing.”
“You’re right,” says the priest. “We should be better.”
“I have an idea,” the rabbi said. “I have a case of Manischewitz in the trunk. Let’s drink together to bury the hatchet.”
Lo and behold, one bottle survived the accident and the rabbi opens it and hands it to the priest. The priest takes a huge gulp and attempts to pass it to the rabbi. “Aren’t you going to have a drink?” he says.
The rabbi says, “I’ll wait until the cops show up.”

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