The Penguin and the Polar Bear

A polar bear and a penguin were walking along the snow dunes one day when the polar bear fell down a chasm. Try as he might, the poor polar bear couldn’t get out. The penguin did everything he could think of, but he couldn’t rescue his friend.

Then a thought struck him! He said, “Hold on for a few minutes, I’ll be right back!”

He then ran off and returned in a few minutes driving his red Ferrari. He backed it up to the edge of the chasm and tied a rope to the end. With his friend holding on to the rope, he was able to pull him out to safety.

After the polar bear thanked the penguin for saving his life, they continued on their walk. Later on that very same day, the penguin fell into a similar chasm. Now, as everyone knows, polar bears can’t drive. So it looked bad for the penguin.

Then the polar bear had an idea! He allowed his penis to swing down into the chasm, all the way to the bottom. The penguin gladly used it to climb his way to the top!

The moral of this story is: If you have a big enough penis, you don’t need a Ferrari.

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