The Murray River Cruise

A man was walking past a travel agent’s office when he noticed a billboard promoting a “4 day cruise down the Murray River – $40 all inclusive.”

Impressed by the low price, he raced into the shop, slapped $40 onto the counter and said, “I’m here for the Murray cruise.” Quick as a wink, the travel agent whipped out a baseball bat and knocked the man unconscious.

When the man awoke, he found himself tied to a floating log and drifting down the river. After a time, he noticed another man in the same predicament on the other side of the river.

“$40 Murray cruise?” he called out.

“Yep!” said the man from the other side.

Injecting a bit of levity he called back, “I’ll bet you we don’t even get breakfast!”

The other man called back, “We did last year!”

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