The Dandy Dolphins

To wrap up “PUN WEEK”, I’m going out with another one of MoonShadow’s contributions. Thanks for watching, and we’ll be back on Monday with your regularly scheduled jokes.
Once upon a time a man owned several small dolphins that he kept in a large pool in his back yard. Now these were no ordinary dolphins you see, because as long as the man fed them fresh seagulls every day, the little dolphins would never age and die. So the man made his daily trek down a long narrow path to the beach where he captured the birds.
That same day a lion escaped from the local zoo when one of the keepers forgot to close the gate. Now this was a very old lion, and he really wasn’t very ferocious at all. As he wandered about, he found himself going down a long narrow path and decided he needed to rest, so the aged king of the jungle laid down to take a nap.
Meanwhile the man was returning down the same path with the birds he needed to feed his dolphins when he happened upon the sleeping lion sprawled out across the path. At first the man was frightened but then he realized this was a very old and worn out beast. There was no way to go around, so the man decided to just step over the cat. As he did, Federal agents jumped out from behind the bushes and arrested the man.
The charge?
Transporting Gulls Across a Staid Lion For Immortal Porpoises.

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