The Bus Driver Joke

A man got on a bus, and ended up sitting next to a very attractive nun.

Enamored with her, he asked if he could have sex with her.

Naturally, she said no, and got off the bus.

The man went to the bus driver and asked him if he knew of a way for him to have sex with the nun.

“Well,” said the bus driver, “every night at 8 o’clock, she goes to the cemetery to pray. If you dress up as God, I’m sure you could convince her to have sex with you.”

The man decided to try it, and dressed up in his best God costume.

At eight, he saw the nun and appeared before her.

“Oh, God!” she exclaimed. “Take me with you!”

The man told the nun that she must first have sex with him to prove her loyalty.

The nun agreed, but told him she prefers anal sex.

The next thing you know, they were getting down to it, having nasty, grunty, loud sex.

After it was over, the man pulled off his God disguise. “Ha, ha!” he said, “I’m the man from the bus!”

“Ha, ha!” said the nun, removing her costume, “I’m the bus driver!”

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