Geriatric Drip

A ninety-year-old man stopped in his favorite bar, sat at the end, and ordered a drink.

He noticed a svelte seventy-year-old woman at the other end of the bar, and told the bartender to buy the lovely young lady a drink.

As the evening progressed, the old man joined the lady in a cozy booth. Later that evening they went to her apartment where they got stinky and wrinkly.

A few days later, the old man noticed that he had developed a drip coming from his privates, and headed to the doctor.

After careful examination the doctor asked the patient if he had engaged in sexual activity recently, to which the old man proudly admitted he had.

The doctor asked if he could remember who the woman was and where she lived.

“Sure, why?” asked the old man.

“Well you might want to get over there,” replied the doctor, “You’re about to come!”

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