That’s Quite a Deal

That’s Quite a Deal

So I forgot about the date, and my 12 month service agreement with AT&T expired. My internet jumped from $50/month to $80/month. Well that was a bit steep, so I went online to see if they offered any cheaper services. They did. There was another $50/month option available so I selected it. I figured I would be prorated for the two days at the $80 rate, but oh well…

So then I get another statement from them. Basically they are charging me for the full month at the $80 rate AND simultaneously for a full month at the $50 rate, and giving me a $30 discount (which was never fully explained) while charging me a new ongoing $8/month service fee that was never mentioned when I signed up. Yeah. That’s $108 for May folks. (And $58/month thereafter until next May.)

Their reasoning is that they no longer prorate services (That’s kinda brutal), and my new service started the moment I requested the change. So it’s like getting one service for the price of two! What a deal!

Right now Ajit Pai is chuckling maniacally while sipping from an oversized coffee mug.

Update May 13, 2020

Yesterday I got an email from AT&T telling me a $30 credit had been applied to my account. Not wanting to face that headache again so soon, I ignored it until today. When I logged in I was pleasantly surprised. Apparently either my letter to the Public Utilities Commission or my Karen channeling expletive laden phone tirade got through to someone who actually fixed it. I am now back to being billed $50/month for internet for the next 12 months – which let’s be honest- is a fair and reasonable price for home internet in this day and age.

No hard feelings AT&T. You know you’ll always be my favorite monopoly internet provider.



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