Tastes Like Snozzberries

Tastes Like Snozzberries

Yeah, this one’s kind of gross. Don’t try to read too much into it. I just tossed out a random non sequitur at the last minute to avoid doing a filler strip.

Here lately I’ve been drawing a blank when it comes to ideas. For those who read this stuff, I thought I’d warn you up front in case things get a little weird. I might have to do some more random stuff until inspiration strikes, and I have no idea how long that will take.



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2 Responses to Tastes Like Snozzberries

  1. The oldest rater says:

    It looks like inspiration struck already.

    It’s there on the picket line demanding more pay and better working conditions.

    (I can’t recall you ever posting a labor union joke. That might be fruitful territory.)

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