Attempts to Use Temps Part 6: Let the Hate Flow Through You

Let the Hate Flow Through You

So that about wraps up this arc. Since this is now official canon, I might try to stretch out the premise a little more, but I used up all of the scripts that I wrote, and I feel pretty good about the fact that I was able to follow through on my ideas.

For anyone out of the loop: Over the summer, my IRL employer decided to put me in charge of a newly recreated 3rd shift staffed entirely with temps. The temps would come and go, and there were no other seasoned staff on hand to help handle the inevitable complicated issues that would arise. Sadly, after New Year’s the project was terminated, and none of the temps had managed to last the required 90 days probation in order to get permanently hired.

Given with what I had to work with, I thought I handled the job pretty well. I trained and oversaw convicted felons and other heretics on industrial machinery in the dead of night by myself. Nobody got hurt, and we actually were getting the extra production needed to keep up with our orders. It was quite an experience, and I decided to adapt some of the inherent wackiness to my comic.

So that’s that, right? Well, technically, I’m still what they call a “Group Leader”… Or rather, I’m being paid as a Group Leader, and I do Group Leader stuff, but I primarily focus on making my own production… So it’s like an enhanced version of my previous job, so that when the current Group Leader retires in a few years, I’ll just step right in like I’ve always been.

While I kinda wish that my solo supervisory operation had been a bit more successful, I don’t think I’m doing too badly for a guy who started working in a factory as a temp on 3rd shift over 21 years ago. After meeting the parade of temps, I realize I could have turned out a lot worse.

Oh, and I really hope no one minds that I used a Star Wars line for the title… It was getting kinda late, and I really couldn’t think of anything else.



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