The Secret of Dewey’s Success

The Secret of Dewey’s Success

It was mentioned a long time back, but how does a guy like Dewey land a hot babe like Roberta? Well, he’s been gifted with a certain quality that tends to leave a rather long lasting impression.

Of course the ol’ “size doesn’t matter” cliché is only partly true. It doesn’t matter unless it’s the wrong size, and apparently that goes for too big as well as too small. Everybody’s different, and you’re beautiful just they way you are… until you’re not.

This strip was an idea I had from a long, long time back, but coming up with the right layout kept eluding me. I finally figured out how I could do it, and I feel that for the visual story telling aspect, I nailed it. Now whether or not the gag was any good… Well, I’ll leave that up to you.



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