Sunday, September 6, 2020

I Love My Dog

So during the last fireside chat, I might have given some of you the impression that I don’t like my dog. Well, I do, but with such boundless energy she can be very tiring. I’m getting on in my years, and having a living bouncy ball sap my energy every day is frustrating.

But Gail is my baby girl, and though she often tests my limits, she does have her up sides. Off hand I can’t think of any, but… Oh wait! She does actually settle down, and when I’m sitting on the couch or lying in bed, she is right there snuggled up next to me. She looks at me in such a way as to tell me that I am her everything.

And Gail is still just a pup. Granted, she is an 85 pound musclebound pup, but her brain is still developing. It is always a pleasant surprise when something finally “clicks” in that head of hers, and she learns to control some of the less desirable aspects of her behavior.

Make no mistake, there is a long way to go before Gail is what I would consider a “good” dog, and I have had enough dogs to know the difference. In the meantime, she still gets plenty of toys and treats and belly rubs.

She is going to be great some day.



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2 Responses to Sunday, September 6, 2020

  1. The Oldest Rater says:

    Ha!  Reminds me of a yellow lab I used to know.  Fetch and chew-tug were her things.  Her owner was overwhelmed but I could take her on one-handed.  When I wore her out, she’d collapse and get belly-rubs.
    Poor, poor suffering pooch. 😉

    • f2x says:

      Fetching and chew-tugging are the bread and butter of the Labrador breed. Gail is neither my first dog, nor my first Lab. She is however, the strongest and least disciplined dog I have raised. It’s not just my opinion either. Other self-proclaimed dog whisperers have had a go at this one. The ending usually went along the lines of “You need to get that dog of yours under control!” as their “Uncle-cry”.
      But Gail is changing month to month. As time passes she’s learning discipline and self-control. It’s just going to take time.

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