Sunday, October 9, 2016

Too Many Irons in the Fire Again

Don’t worry, I’m not going on hiatus again, but suddenly everyone around me thinks I’m some kind of magic djinn as they dump their mess in my lap and run for cover.

Of course they sure as hell wouldn’t give my ideas a moment’s consideration back when the situation was realistically manageable. Oh, no… That would might have implied the ungrateful SOB’s had a shred of respect for me.

So now that everything is out of control, I’m their fallback plan. It was nice of them to tell me ahead of time… Oh wait. They didn’t do that either. They just waited until all the shit was fucked, then flippantly dumped it on me as if I’m supposed to not mind a single fucking bit.

Well, I’ll just get right on it and make everything all right again, and once that happens they’ll want their reins back. Nothing ever changes, and once I’ve fixed their problem, they’ll sneer at me with contempt for being better than they are.

I hate these fuckers.



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