Sunday, October 16, 2016

OMG, is it Sunday again?!

Seriously, this past week just flew by. Also, if you have any good jokes, please send them my way. The next few weeks just don’t look that hilarious to me, but the jokes are in place. Even though only one person ever seems to rate the jokes anymore, feel free to click those stars. Trust me, it makes your visit feel so much more satisfyingly interactive.

In other news, I’m still getting moved around a lot at work. I’m being used to triage a massive shortage of qualified help. In some ways it’s kind of fun, but it’s also very nerve-wracking. I have to be on top of my game every day, and it’s taking a lot out of me. I pretty much spent most of yesterday in bed trying to recover, yet I’m still experiencing symptoms of exhaustion. It’s not pleasant. Hopefully I’ll start to get the hang of my enhanced responsibilities. Too bad it doesn’t come with an enhanced paycheck.

Other than that, Grace is still doing fine. She seems to be eating quite well, and has more energy than I can possibly deal with.



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