Sunday, October 6, 2019


Meet Gail. She is a 9 week old black Labrador retriever born on August 4, 2019. I brought her home Tuesday evening after driving 120 miles to go get her. She is the successor to my beloved Grace, and my new baby girl.

So why Gail?

Well, my mother and her mother’s middle names were both Gail, so it is a bit of an homage. I also wanted a single syllable name that doesn’t really work if you try to “cutesy it up” by adding an “-ie” to the end. It always irked me when people called my dog “Gracie” right after I told them her name was Grace. She was named after my great grandmother. Have some respect!

Didn’t Grace pass away only a week ago? Isn’t it a bit soon?

No, absolutely not. One of the reason’s I got Gale was to help me cope with the loss of Grace. Another reason is because it didn’t take me long to realize just how lonely the house felt without her. Besides, the house is already set up to have a dog. There was never any doubt that I would get another dog, and I didn’t feel I needed to wait some arbitrary time.

So this is baby Gail. May her life be long, healthy, and full of happiness.


OK, so now that I have a new hobby to return my mood back to normal, I just want to say thanks to Glenn for all the jokes he sends me. Also, thanks to George. Since things are starting to get back to normal for me, I’ll be mostly using his jokes this week. Of course everyone is encouraged to contribute using our submission page or emailing

If your religion teaches you that dogs don’t go to heaven, then that doesn’t sound like any sort of heaven at all.



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