Sunday, May 8, 2016

I’m not really in the mood for this.

This past week was generally uneventful, and for the most part I’ve just been taking things kinda easy. And why not? Usually things don’t seem to go my way, so when the forces of the universe ease off, I think I’m entitled to a little R & R.

So I’ve got a lot of things to do today, and among them are mowing the lawn, rearranging the furniture, and getting things ready for the coming work week. Oh, and the jokes… I still have to get those in the queue. It doesn’t look as though I’m going to have time to work on the comic.

What happened with the comic? Well back in March, I had a major debilitating incident with my back. As a result I replaced my computer desk chair with a La-Z-Boy, and got rid of the computer desk. Now I surf the internet from the recliner. While it’s more comfortable for surfing, it’s absolutely worthless for creating and editing graphics.

So I’m going to try to rearrange a few things… Maybe it will work, but probably not… but if it does, then it might help me get back to working on the comic.

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